Starletta Designs

Meet Tara, owner of the Etsy shop Starletta Designs and one of my lovely sponsors for the month of June!

Tara is creates one of a kind (or limited quantity) handmade jewelry that is absolutely beautiful. Picture 14kt Gold or Sterling Silver with fun gemstones! Tara was kind enough to answer some questions to let us get to know her a little better! Take it away Tara!

1. Tell us a little about Starletta Designs, how did you start making handmade jewelry?
Tara: I picked up my first DIY kit at a craft store many, many years ago. I think about 15 years sounds right. I grew up in a very crafty family; my mom would always enter into craft shows and fairs, so it became second nature to me. Nowadays, I love to create new pieces as it gives me a creative outlet and allows me to keep my hands and mind busy!
2. Your Etsy shop is beautiful! Which piece is currently your favorite?
Tara: It’s hard to pick, but I’m partial to bright colors, so I would have to say either:
3. What inspires your creations?!
Tara: So many things! I would have to say that music is a big inspiration as there aren’t many times I’m not working in my studio without the music on. I can also find inspiration in color combinations I’ve been hoping to try, gemstones themselves, photography and of course, current fashion trends.
4. What is your favorite store to shop at?
Tara: I try to support fellow handmade artists as much as possible, so I buy a ton on Etsy– including bath and beauty products, clothing, accessories, supplies, gifts and artwork. Heck, I even purchased my wedding dress from a designer on Etsy sight unseen and it was the best wedding related purchase I made! But, if I can’t find something there or I am in a hurry my second places to shop are ModCloth, Forever21, Aeropostale.



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Out & About: Instagram Summer Adventures

Summer Adventures


With my Facebook being on hold for a while, I’ve become quite the Instagram junkie as of late. Taking photos has always been one of my favorite hobbies, I carry my DSLR everywhere but when I want to share something instantly, Instagram has become my go to. Make sure you follow along my frequent summer adventures at @MichelleLynne2 I promise, you’ll be happy you did!

Out & About: The Instagram Summer Adventures

  1. I’ve wanted a pair of neon gym shoes for a while now and these beauties from Adidas were calling my name! So light weight & comfy too, the perfect running shoe. 
  2. I am officially the “Next (Female) Tiger Woods”. I’m practicing my golf game until it’s my claim to fame! I got this. :)
  3. I was SO EXCITED to be going to the WCWS (Women’s College World Series) of softball in OKC. My dream came true!
  4. Pretty flowers outside a mall in OK.
  5. Reading besides the pool, what a perfect relaxing Monday for me!
  6. I am OBSESSED with Sweet Tea. Have you checked out my recipe on how to make Sweet Tea yet?
  7. Rockin my favorite summer colors in the sunshine. Gotta love corals.
  8. Brand-y new grill to start this summer off right! Say it with me “I will become a Grill Master, I will become a Grill Master”!
  9. Another Softball WCWS pic, supporting MICHIGAN, a team I played against in college time & time again!
  10. Another fab-u-lous pool day, this time with drinks!
  11. Can’t live in the south without enjoying some delicious Tex-Mex! Taco Tuesdays are my favorite!
  12. Another scenic pic of my golfing adventures. Just wait, give me a few months and you’ll see me in the Women’s PGA tour :)

What adventures have you been up to this summer?!

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The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida


Yes, I’m still dreaming of the ocean! I think it’s because today is Friday and I know I have to work all weekend. What a bummer! So to get my fix of the sun, I plan on laying out at the pool & sharing some Florida photos with you!

When I visited Palm Beach, Florida for a wedding a little while ago, we were able to get some site-seeing in. One historical location we were able to check out was The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. It is this really cool old hotel. One of those places where you walk in and just KNOW there has been some awesome memories made in this place. It reminded me of a the perfect movie shoot location.

When you walk in, the architecture is amazing, the interior is like a maze of different rooms, all with different intricate themes and details. It’s seriously impressive. Walk outside and you’ll find an amazing beach, restaurant, shops, many gardens, and outdoor sporting activities. It’s beautiful in so many ways.

The Breakers Palm Beach

Take a peek:

the breakers palm beach

the breakers palm beach

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