Hello, ladies, thanks so much for signing up with me on my personal blog which is devoted to women’s beauty and fashion. This is a personal blog like no other. Like many of you reading this post tonight or during the day, I do a lot of internet reading. I have to. It is part of my job and I also have a curious interest on what is going on in our world, whether close to home or across the globe. This is a blog like no other because it touches on personal thoughts about beauty and fashion. Let me explain this quickly.

This is the style of writing and posting I prefer to adhere to. By now, you are already feeding yourself with dozens of pages of fashion photos and beauty products and new, or dated, tips and tricks closely related to women’s beauty and fashion in general. The things being said on how to enhance your looks or take better care of your skin, I have found, are mostly quite credible and you can rely on these. Part of my own posting work is also based on what I have gleaned from the experts in fashion, beauty and nutrition.

Yes, ladies, we will be chatting about food too. Eating healthily is quite an important part of ensuring that your outer appearance is not just beautiful but healthy too. Dressing fashionably in a style that suits your personality, not so much simply a copy and paste exercise where you just see what’s being advertised on the internet and then dashing off to the boutique, if it has that item or two that you just saw and snap it off the peg, but is a creative process of taking your time, mixing and matching until you have come up with the most perfect combinations.

When I speak of perfection, I am not just referring to a unique style that you have managed to fashion for yourself, but also to the practical measurement of pricing. You should never spend more than you can afford. Given what has happened to us in the not too distant past, I really believe that it is high time that we recycle the plastic that represents our store charge and credit cards. Cash is king. It should be queen too. Similar cost-saving principles will also be applied when you go shopping for your groceries and beauty and skin care products.

Before we go, let me introduce myself and give you a brief impression on the first batch of posts or articles that I’m going to be publishing for you. At the time of writing, these are still works in progress, so please be patient if you haven’t seen one of them published just yet. Hi, I’m Michelle Green. I like my name because it coincides with how I am feeling about our environment and lifestyles right now. In this blog on women’s health, beauty and fashion, I would like to link my thoughts and writings with the need to live as organically as possible.

Let us see how well we all fare with this. I am now leaving the outline of the blog’s first few pages for our next post, how about that. It is getting rather late and it seems as though I have run out of time. But thanks again for joining me. I am sure you are going to enjoy yourself. It is still early days in our lives so let us all enjoy our new learning curves as we discover new things about ourselves.