I’m still scratching my soft, auburn hair a little. I’m wondering what to add to this post in which I go on another roustabout walk on beauty and fashion. Let this then be as surreptitious as it can be. These are my own surreptitious thoughts on beauty and fashion. First, my own thoughts and feelings will be shared. If I find anything worthy of being inspirational or original or innovating, then I’ll pen that down too.

But you know that won’t be so easy. This is a cliché if ever there was one. Listen to this. ‘The internet is awash with information’. So it is I’m not disputing that. But finding anything worthwhile that fits me personally is like finding a needle in a haystack. Much of the information I seem to find on any one topic, such as the colors to wear for winter or summer, all seems to be a regurgitation of what someone else had already written on the same topic.

And here I contradict my own self because I end up doing exactly the same thing. I’m repeating something worthy of attention and interesting for you to read. It’s a conundrum, I know. But I’m being honest with you. I’m just a simple girl with only so many ideas and aspirations to keep me going. But, but, and I’m repeating that word ‘but’, it’s also good to rely on others who seem to know what they’re talking about and even have the expertise and experience to substantiate their thoughts and ideas.

And these are just the random thoughts of a poor little girl, such as I am. An earlier post spoke about the weather as a metaphor for our lives and personal feelings. I spoke about Jane Austen’s novel Emma. It reminds me of a college essay I once wrote. I called it ‘Poor Little Girl’. At that time my feeling was that Emma was really just a spoilt rich girl. She really had everything going for her in life but because of her self-centeredness, she ended up feeling quite lonely.

But as all good stories go and end, Ms Emma Woodhouse got her comeuppance, truly fell in love and lived happily ever after with the most unlikeliest of men. A rich and much older bachelor who had sense, sensibility and wisdom about him. He was also a country fellow and, in spite of his own material wealth, enjoyed the simpler things in life. You know, this inspirational thought should have been inserted in that post I wrote for the lonely girls out there. Oh well, it’s here now, and girls, those who need lifting, I hope you’ve picked this much up. Love may be blind, but it’s always possible and it can be true. It can happen to you too. But be patient if you’re still searching. Good things come to those who wait.

This is actually a personal thought for me right now. I’m speaking from experience. Previously, I discovered how much of a waste of time it was to be working so hard searching for love. When I found someone I thought I liked or thought I had fallen in love with, I would discover later on that all this was not the case. Love is what happens when you’re busy with other things. More pertinent things that can lead to true, deep, spiritual love. Whitney Houston’s enduring song, The Greatest Love, a remake of George Benson’s classic number, also says it all. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

These ended up being surreptitious thoughts on love. I didn’t mind sharing it with you. I sincerely hope that you’ve appreciated my softness. Anyway, I’m still also preoccupied with colors, still believing that they make the world of difference to the way one feels and looks. And so it was that I picked up two interesting notes on how to effectively apply color to your personal décolletage. This has to do with the makeup we apply around our eyes and the strategies we adopt in choosing the right clothes to wear, no matter what the occasion or the mood. And I’m thrilled to note that all that I picked up were my sentiments exactly. This is not a know it all attitude I’m expressing. I’m just excited by the coincidence.

Blue eyes

I learned about the application of monochromatic color schemes. Previously I had always been applying my colors with a dash of common sense and creativity. Now I know how it all fits together so nicely. Monochromatic color schemes that go nicely with blue eyes are gray, navy blue and silver. There’s also complementary colors. These include brown and peach.

My eyes are brown

I’m pleased to know now what really gets my eyes and skin to shine. I now know what suits my perfect brown eyes best. It goes without saying that I’ve already been using brown eye shadow. Perhaps because I’m not as extravagant as other girls, I never got around to trying out black and bronze. I’m a little more comfortable with the colors that complement brown eyes. These include blue, emerald green and lilac.

What to wear that matches those eyes

This is really my crème de la crème. Again, it’s not a sense of I told you so, but more a case of me having the correct sentiment all along when it came to using bright, primary colors. I like using the boldness of red. But upon me reading up about the use of colors, I learned that the bold or subtle use of elegant deep reds around my upper torso will bring the best out of my brown eyes. I’m flattered by that.