Before I dive right into the pool on how you can keep yourself beautiful and fresh during the hot summer months, I thought I’d wax lyrical for a little bit longer on how we are to dress up for summer. As I said before, I’m not about to start lecturing to any of my readers, nor am I going to be imparting what are definitively termed expert tips. First and foremost, I write from my own heart, telling it like it is, and then, if it’s really necessary, I’ll give you guys one or two refreshers for the hot months ahead.

Is it alright if I refer to you as guys? It seems the way to go nowadays when new girlfriends hang out together, like comrades in arms. When we meet up for coffee, or go shopping together, we think of meeting up with the guys. Talking about ‘girlfriends’ and ‘ladies’ all seems to be a bit old fashioned these days. Girls, what do you think? Is this true or not? How do you feel about this new turn of phrase? Or is it too much?

I’ll be happy to change my tone in a heartbeat. All for you guys. Happy to do anything for you girls. Anyway, I’m preoccupied with the issue of shyness or just a little too much modesty on the part of some ladies. Okay, in some parts of the world, it is strictly a matter of culture, heritage and, especially, religion, for women to cover themselves up appropriately, even during the warmest of summer months. But, if you are among those reading this blog post, then you may have already caught the hint that you can still dress comfortably and allow your body to cool off nicely, even while still covering most parts of it.

By now you know that it’s probably not a good time to be wearing satin or silk. It would be far better to focus on cotton fabrics for your personal décor. This is the case if you’ve decided to wear cloaks, throws or pants. For summer months, it also has a nice comfortable look about it as well. For the rest of us, it’s okay to wear a nice pair of cotton shorts. Why not, it’s the comfort that counts. Don’t be shy, show a leg, why don’t you.

Look, if you’re really so self-conscious about the way you look, you can still do something about that too. Drink lots of water to keep your skin replenished and be a lot more physically active in your daily routine. Also focus on eating right. Summer is the perfect opportunity for you to do this because most of the time, you’ll be rustling up nice green salads. And it’s all quite good for your skin too. Doing things naturally is about the easiest beauty tip any expert is going to give you this summer.

Speaking of beauty, you’ll not be needing to splurge tons of make-up on your good skin. That’s the palest and quickest way to premature wrinkles, I’m afraid. Focus on skin cleansers, and for this time of the year, focus on beauty applications that include natural ingredients that are designed to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.