I have decided to follow up on my previous introductory post. I introduced myself as Michelle Green and I said that I was going to be chatting to you all about women’s beauty and fashion. And health. And then what to eat. All talk of food generally makes me quite hungry. It makes me want to abandon this blog post and go and rustle something up in the kitchen for myself. And then come back a few hours later and perhaps not even until the next day and blog about the divine culinary experience I had. This is one of those personal blogs where one woman tells her readers how her days have been going.

This is not a fashion blog. It’s not a food blog either. Nor is it a medical journal. But in my previous introductory post, I did indicate to you that I have done quite a bit of reading, or am in the process of doing so, in a bid to put a little more meat on the blog’s bones. This is a blog where a woman speaks from her heart. She has a tendency to speak her mind on most issues in life, especially health matters and how the environment is going to rack and ruin. Thanks to the reading, I’m happy to say, and as I like to believe, that bit of reading does enable me to give my blog posts a bit more substance.

As the title shows, I am preoccupied with health issues. The thought occurred to me this morning before I opened my laptop. I haven’t been feeling well lately. I’m not sure if I’m in a state to open up to you about this just yet. Perhaps, as this blog unfolds, there may come a stage where I’ll pour my heart out to you all. But honeys, please don’t hold your breath on this one. I might be a highly conversational personage here, but deep down inside, I’m quite shy, not secretive, and I just don’t like belting out everything there is to know about my personal and private life.

Whether it happens today, tomorrow night, or in a few days time, I’m just not so sure. Perhaps there will come a morning or evening where I will have summoned up enough Dutch courage to talk to you about my personal love habitués. Ah, that’s going to be quite a challenge, I dare say. Anyway, it seems as though I’ve squeezed in just about everything I wanted to say, or had on my mind, in this blog post. Oh, and I also wanted to add that I hope all you readers will appreciate that I am aiming to keep this blog as universal as possible.

For instance, it wouldn’t be fair to start talking about spring and summer fashion tips and what we saw at the latest summer launch or in our favorite magazine’s own summer splash, when somewhere else across the world, someone else reading my post is shivering her buttocks off. So, that’s it then, we’ll chat about anything under the sun, no matter what time of the day it is and no matter what time of the year it is. But I’m still thinking of my poor health.