It does not matter what religion or culture you prefer to dress to, you should know well by now, that you can still dress quite stylishly. For those that need to cover up, winter is a convenient time, because covering up means keeping warm. But no-one needs to look odd or silly doing this. Of course, it’s different when you’re in the house, dressing like it really doesn’t matter because it’s only you about the house.

And if there’s children about, then it’s you and the children. Some of you are housewives and I do understand that you might want to powder your noses nicely after getting the supper ready. I understand completely, that you may want to slip into something a bit more special or stylish because, guess what, guess who’s almost home for dinner. Why, your husband, of course. I never married, well not yet anyway, but I do know all about those exciting feelings of anticipation, making the food and then waiting for that special man in your life to arrive home from work.

I had a long-term boyfriend once. I lived with my mum at that time, but I’d spend days at his place too. I’d be working what you’d refer to as flexi-hours, meaning that I could have a few special days to myself while boyfriend was still at the office. It’s nice having the place to one’s self. I’d keep myself useful and the highlight would always be preparing something special for him to eat by the time he arrived home. But this was a modern couple.

Oh no, far be it that I’d be doing everything for him. Far be it that I’d be waiting on him hand and foot, like a verifiable slave from medieval days. Those days, girls, are long past now. Yes, sad to say it, it’s still happening in many parts of the world where women are forced to be subservient to their husbands. Anyway, this modern couple shared the load. I guess I could say I was lucky too. There was no way that I could tell what my man was going to be cooking for me later in the evening.

Not only did he also love to cook, he’d love to surprise me too. If he had a weakness in the kitchen, it was this. He had a tendency to dish up far too much food on our plates. And to top it all off, his mother used to say that I ate like a little bird. And then, he used to make our curries far too strong and spicy. At one stage during the first months of our relationship, I had to wonder if he was trying to kill me. Gosh, that food was strong.

And to think I was going to talk about dressing both stylishly and warmly for winter. My gosh. But I hope you enjoyed this chat anyway. Why don’t you share your own thoughts on your husband or partner’s silly little quirks and habits in the kitchen and around the house? The next couple of posts are reserved for food but I tell you what, I’ll continue chatting about dressing up as well, how about that. That’s fair, isn’t it?