Before I start talking about tips and tricks on how to dress up properly for summer, I thought we’d have a little chat on how it feels to be dressing up so comfortably while it’s so hot out there.

Yes, that’s right, thanks to global warming and climate change, its hotter than it ever was before. There’s nothing that can be done about it, other than to grin and bear it. Actually, there’s plenty we can do. People always say; what can little me do about this warm weather.

Will my small contribution be able to make a dent of a difference? But, of course it can. Every bit helps. It starts with you and it starts in your own home. Start with what you know best, start with what’s familiar to you. Don’t worry about the things out there that seem too big and hard for you to tackle right now. You end up saving money in the long term once you start on your own little domestic initiative in reducing your personal carbon footprint.

No-one’s asking you to save the world in a day. Saving energy on the home front ends up saving money in your purse too. For instance, you could have another look at your air conditioning system and see if that’s alright. Isn’t it sapping up too much energy and costing you a bit too much already? And there are other miraculous ways you can keep your domestic environment cool during the hot summer months without blowing up your energy bill.

First see if you can get a top-notch air conditioning expert to come and give you an estimate on how much a sustainable air conditioning unit is going to cost you initially. Hopefully you’ve got the budget for this. Your future reduced energy expenditure can easily off-lay what you’re going to be spending right about now. And, ladies, don’t worry if the air conditioning guy is handsome. He’s built that way because he’s working with his hands most of the time and he’s doing a bit of heavy lifting during his workday as well.

He’ll probably tell you to keep your living room and bedroom a little darker than usual. Using darker shades on your curtaining keeps the room a lot cooler than usual and for a lot longer as well. Well, that wasn’t so difficult now was it? Let’s wind down the summer heat by talking about the things we all seem to love the most. Dressing up. Doesn’t matter what we do and where we’re going, what the occasion is, we’re all so preoccupied with what to put on in the morning.

Let me just say, it’s pointless pulling out your best outfits in the summer heat. It can easily get stained and colors can fade quickly. Also, focus on using lighter fabrics, like white and cream. You can still use your favorite colors, but go for lighter pastel shades. Dark colors, like navy and black are going to heat you up in a jiffy. Also, if you haven’t done so already, see if you can invest in cotton. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but think long-term, once more.

Cotton keeps you cooler in the summer months, and your quality cotton fabrics will last you longer too.