I’m inspired daily by all things natural where beauty and skin care is concerned, the clothes I wear and the food I eat, I thought I’d post as much information on what others have had to say thus far on environmentally-friendly beauty tips. I’ve been doing things naturally for a while now, but never mind me, this post is for you. Going organic is the way to go. And did you know that by using only natural, organic and chemical-free products, there’s a better chance that you’ll be looking more beautiful and your skin will remain healthy and youthful for a great many more years than the case would have been if you were just whipping off anything from the supermarket shelves that’s cheaper to use.

Keeping things simple

The best things in life are still free. Simplicity is its watchword. Why spend a fortune on extravagant and elaborate make-up labels that may or may not work for you. Its touch and go where this is concerned. Looking beautiful is only temporary in this case.

Because by the time you wipe off all that makeup at night, oh my gosh, it’s like looking at a monster in the mirror. Keeping things simple where makeup is concerned means that you’ll also be keeping your skin glowing for a lot longer and without harming it with chemicals and other additives which may end up adding years to your life anyway. And it’s a lot cheaper than you thought.

For instance, you’ll only need to apply organically-inspired makeup or skin care products no more than twice a week as opposed to everyday struggling with expensive lines purchased from your department store’s makeup counters.

The issue of using sanitary cloths

There are tiny fibers within these sanitary cloths that I don’t much like. These wipes are also difficult to recycle, if they can be recycled at all. And these microfibers have a nasty habit of landing in the stomachs of those fragile, precious creatures of the ocean. Seabirds greedily scoop it up without knowing what’s going through their beaks. And those tiny, unseen creatures, all they’re trying to do is simply trying to breathe when they open what passes for their mouths.


Even during winter months, believe it or not, it is essential to be using a good sun-block to protect your facial skin. During the summer months, your arms, and sometimes your legs, are likely to be exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. So when you’re not inclined to cover up, make sure that sun-block goes on and stays on. It’ll help reduce the risk of you ever contracting skin cancer.

Reading shows you really care

The ignoramuses of this world have a lot to say about those bespectacled girls who read incessantly and intently. But these girls are doing a world of good. Through reading we acquire knowledge. I always find this so fascinating because quite often I’m discovering something new that ends up being quite useful and good for me (and you). But where beauty and skin care products are concerned, the same with food, it has now become all the more essential to read those product labels. That’s a good way of knowing that no precious creatures were harmed during the composition of your beauty and skin care kit or even in the clothes you buy.

Recycling does even more

But it’s still a bit challenging for me personally when it comes to recycling my empty beauty and skin care product containers. My favorite makeup and skin lotions are still wrapped with far too much plastic. Granted, plastic can be recycled, so we’d better keep up this initiative for as long as we can, but finding beauty products and skin care products entirely devoid of plastic and other harmful materials is still quite difficult, unless you’re prepared to spend hours on end shopping and hunting. I know we all love to shop but who really has the time these days.

If you really want to be truly beautiful, just do things yourself

This takes some perseverance and requires inspiration, particularly if you’re just starting out for the first time like I am. I’m taking this approach towards making my own natural soaps and skin care lotions. I’m thinking what it’s like making food in the kitchen. You still need to shop for your ingredients and then prepare them before they go into the pot. So, and I’m still working on this myself, the next time you put together your grocery list, simply add the recipe ingredients you’re going to need for creatively manufacturing your own beauty and skin care product lines. And dare I say the internet is awash with ideas on how to pull this off.