In a sense, we humans also go into some form of hibernation during the cold, winter months. One of my favorite spots for walking is through our public garden, right in the heart of our city. Not for nothing is this large garden called the city’s green lung. All the flora, made up mostly by giant, ancient firs and oak trees are not entirely barren of leaves. Our city has done much to cut down on carbon emissions but still, because we are human, we still tend to pollute our air.

So these garden giants act as air conditioners for us. They absorb most of the carbon dioxide that we’ve let out up into the sky. One thing is missing during my public garden walks during those winter afternoons when it’s not raining. It sometimes leaves me feeling a little sad because I miss these chirrupy darling creatures. Squirrels never miss a beat when it comes to hibernating during the winter months. Prior to that, autumn would have to go down as these animals’ busiest time of the year.

They’re all over the place, and you’d better be careful where you walk, otherwise you could slip and fall. Squirrels always seem to be in such a frenetic rush to get things done before the first cold chills arrive. By the time that cold, frosty winter morning arrives, the squirrels have gathered more than enough food, and twigs and dry leaves with which to keep themselves extra-warm during the next few months. And they’re all happily asleep, buried in the trunks of these giant oaks by the time the first snow arrives.

I named my blog Michelle Green goes walkabout on women’s beauty and fashion for a good reason. My name is apt because it reflects what I believe in, am inspired by and what I enjoy the most out of my life. Did I mention that while I’m really into warm, summer months, I’m essentially a winter baby? At the time of writing this post, we’re heading towards summer. But this post is for those of you who are entering that woeful period of human hibernation.

Why do I say that it’s woeful? I suppose, I’m reflecting on our inherent human nature. There’s a lot of women out there who tend to become a bit miserable around this cold time of the year. But it’s not the cold weather’s fault. Its life in general that does this to us. It’s just that winter can’t really match the spring and summer months to lift us out of our habitual gloom. I would venture to say that because they’re so small, much, much smaller than us, squirrels have a lot more in life going against them than we need fear.

And yet they seem so steady, so calm and composed while they hurriedly go about their daily work. We should take a leaf out of their book every once in a while. My last summer post emphasized adding color to the clothes we wear and the food we eat. Just because its winter, does not mean you need to hold back on this vibrant, inspirational and healthy habit. And especially because the nights are longer and darker, all the more reason to add more color to your life.

If it’s cold out there, wear the most colorful scarves you can find. If you’re a lover of boots, wear red, orange or yellow, even pink. Don’t try to morbidly blend yourself into winter with white, gray and black. I’m building myself up for a more personal post on matters of the heart, so let me just say, just this once, my silky undergarments are always colorful. Of course, I’m only wearing these on those special evening occasions, if you know what I mean.

Because as the great jazz number plays out; baby, it’s cold out there. And have you ever heard the expression ‘comfort food’. There’s a good, healthy reason for calling it so. Being comfortable means exactly what the expression spells out. Because they’re closeted indoors over weekends during winter months, there’s a tendency among many women to overeat. Many more still end up eating things that are just no good for them.

It leaves them feeling bloated and even more miserable afterwards. Comfort food does the exact opposite, if that much is obvious. By the time you’ve finished eating, you’re not overly full. You feel warm and satisfied inside. You’re feeling comfortable. There’s nothing better to lift up those spirits. And there’s really no need to associate comfort food with those sad, lonely nights many of us endure. Comfort food should be enjoyed every evening, not just when we’re feeling down. And because its winter, the food is warm and nourishing, or piping hot, decadently speaking.