My previous post would not have caused any of the girls reading my work to flutter their eyebrows or raise a heavy sigh while raising their eyes skywards. I have that much faith in my readership. And you know most of you know that I still admire you and respect you with the most heartfelt of intentions. So, you all know, that there’s no need to ever ruffle party hat feathers while still speaking our minds. We are entitled to that much in life and we can do it well while always respecting the other.

Did I say this already? I’m not sure. But anyway. Winter is a convenient time for those of you who just have to cover up. It might have something to do with your culture or religion, but because it’s so cold out there, you really don’t mind. You’re dressing up warmly. There are also those of you who are still so embarrassed about how your figure looks whenever it’s exposed, even if it’s just a flabby arm showing. What a pity.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed about the body you’ve been given. It’s yours. Wear it with pride. But, as I was saying, it’s highly convenient to be covering up during winter. Those of you already in the throes of winter can tell the rest of us how bitterly cold it can be. Some of you are finding it so difficult, dealing with blizzards and sleet. You might be thinking just how ridiculous you look. Like a snowman from a strange, foreign land.

But don’t worry about that. Have fun with the clothes you have to wear. Add more bright, primary colors to your snowy look. Now, for those of you where the climate’s a lot more temperate, you’ll be happy to know that you can still dress stylishly. While keeping your body warm as well, focus this time around on utilizing wool. Dressing for the office, you can be wearing a nice woolen suit, whether with slacks or a knee-length skirt, with a matching jacket.

If you’re allowed to be a bit more casual with your work look, many of you will be wearing a good pair of jeans. Hear you can cover yourself with a smart-looking but thick wool jersey. And then you can throw over a good leather jacket with a scarf or two tied flamboyantly around your neck. And who of you can remember the exercise eighties? Those were the days when women in their sexy leotards used to pull on a pair of leg warmers.

Leg warmers are great for winter too. They’re still stylish, I think. And they’re practical for wearing around the house too. Wear leather, knee length boots to go with your leather jacket, but do keep those heels short. Even if you could balance on them, stiletto heels in winter just don’t go. You need to create that winter look. Reserve your very high heels for your evenings out. Hopefully it’s not too cold for that.

I’m too fond of saying that summer is my favorite time of the year. But I’m actually a winter baby. And you all know what that means. Yes, I was born on a cold, winter’s morning. I love winters too but, sometimes it’s just so inconvenient.