Piercings on ears, lips, nose, and tongue are more common among people of almost all age group. Piercing and body modification is the coolest way to add an edge, but also has some complications. If you have an idea of piercing to be done, and unsure about it, ask your friends who have already done that. Whether they have any suggestions or regret doing it.

If you are search for a piercing shop in Champaign, IL, there may be various piercers, but ensure who can provide you best and hygienic care with proper aftercare instructions.

We do have some responsibility to take care of the pierced area to safeguard from any kind of infection and help healing. However, not all people can successfully heal a piercing, even if every care is taken properly.

Let’s see some measures to be taken for safeguarding the newly pierced area.

No Guns

When you choose the piercer ask them not to use gun. It can transmit the infection and damage the tissue in your ear. Moreover, piercing guns cannot be sterilized. Disposable needles are safe, more accurate and less painful. Don’t forget to check the piercer wear a pair of disposable gloves.

Clean and Healthy

Eating clean is always good for your health and it is more important after having body piercing. Keep your body hydrated well.

Keep The Pierced Area Fresh, Clean and Safe

Instead of using alcohol that dries up the wounded area, use oil-based soaps that heals the wound while keeping the pierced area soft. Touch the pierced area with clean fingers. If the earring is dry then moisten it before touching. Once it stops swelling or hurting it means it is curing.

Try to avoid any physical damage like bumping, snagging and such. Stitches may be required if get caught and torn out. If you find any inconvenience towards the pierced area, don’t be afraid. Ask your piercer and not to anyone else, you might be in need of medications. In the worst case just remove the jewelry.

Choose the Jewelry

Piercing is done on any part of the body for wearing any jewelry. Choose the metal that doesn’t cause any allergic reaction to your skin. Opt for surgical stainless steel, or 18 karat gold. Jewelry worn in tongue may hinder chewing and swallowing. It may also cause damages to your teeth or gums.

If you are mentally ready to make you more attractive by piercing then, almost body piercing shop in Champaign, Illinois, provides you best and clean care. You get educated well on how to take care of your newly pierced area.

jade Eli